Music is something that almost everyone in the world enjoys on a daily basis. Whether you are driving in your car and listening to your favorite track on the radio, listening to your favorite online radio station at home, or have your headphones plugged into your iPhone as you walk down the street, music is part of our lives all the time.

But if you have ever looked online or in stores for audio equipment, even just a replacement set of headphones, you have most likely seen some of the expensive high-end equipment available for people who consider themselves audiophiles.

While most people are willing to spend $20 for a pair of earbuds and consider $100-$150 headphones like Beats by Dre to be expensive, that is just the very beginning of some of the audio equipment available for high-res audio. Spending hundreds to thousands of dollars for audio equipment is not that uncommon for an audiophile.

But does it really make a difference? If you care about the quality of music you listen to, yes, it does.

High-End Equipment Has A Better Build

From the moment that you hold or pick up a piece of high-end audio equipment, whether it is a set of headphones or a speaker, you can literally feel the difference.

With mass-produced audio equipment available for low entry prices, manufacturers are forced to work within a small budget. As a result, the material that they can use to create the equipment is extremely limited and not always capable of giving the best results.


From the first glance at high-end equipment, it’s easy to see that it looks better. Manufacturing costs aren’t as limited which means better materials, better designs, better finishes, and ultimately a better look.

Picking up, holding, and—in the case of headphones—wearing high-end audio equipment has a noticeable difference. It is heavier, has more solidarity, and an overall better build.

Most Importantly, High-End Equipment Sounds Better

The real difference in high-end audio gear is not just in how it looks or feels, though. The most important characteristic of quality equipment that draws audiophiles to spend more money is how it sounds.

From the moment you ever listen to music through a quality, high-end system the answer will become clear. Unlike budget equipment, audio equipment geared toward audiophiles is designed to give the most realistic representation of music possible.

When you think of all of the streaming services that are geared toward higher quality music, such as the recently launched Tidal, it’s important to realize that while those files can sound better, they do not always sound better if you do not have the right equipment.

Low-end headphones lack the range of sound to properly provide the subtle nuances that make songs sound as great as they should. When listening to hi-res audio through a quality sound system, however, you can actually hear every subtle detail and experience the music exactly the way it was intended to be listened to.

This experience, for many, can be a completely life changing experience. Listening to music will never be the same. Once you hear great music and hi-res audio through high-quality sound systems, the totally immersive feeling you experience is unforgettable.


Is High-End Gear Really Worth It?

Ultimately if you want the best musical experience possible, the answer is an undeniable “yes”. Experiencing music and sound through high-end equipment sounds so much better than listening to standard headphones or earbuds that come with your phone, or listening to music through the speaker of your laptop.

The key thing to remember, though, is that pricing for high-end equipment is not always linear. Something that costs $1000 will not necessarily sound twice as good as $500. In the end, if you are a budding audiophile, purchasing equipment in steps may be the best way to go.

Invest in a quality set of headphones to begin with to start experiencing music the way it should be. Afterwards, you can begin expanding your collection of high-end audio equipment.

In the end, the difference in both build and sound quality is something you cannot overlook. If you truly value listening to music and want to experience it in the best way possible, adding a few extra dollars to your budget to get high-quality gear is a wise investment.


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