Not to be confused with Nicole Leigh of Home Run and Mechanical Grave, Nicole Leigh is a Filipino model and food lover living in Los Angeles. Yes, you read that right. Just when you think models starve themselves to stay skinny or slender, Nicole Leigh does the opposite. I bet most women envy her.

And get this, Nicole Leigh loves French fries and hot wings. Not exactly your typical diet menu. Nicole Leigh goes crazy over cheese as well, which happens to be her nickname in middle and high school. Baking is also one of her talents. Resisting sweets is one of her weaknesses. Makes you wonder where Nicole Leigh put all that food.

Nicole Leigh, Model, Instagram, Facebook, Eating
Nicole Leight loves eating. Her she goes for a Watermelon on the beach. /// Photo:
Nicole Leigh, Model eating Donats, Facebook
Some Donats and Seets for Nicole Leigh, a Filipino Model /// Photo:

Did we mention that Nicole Leigh also drinks a lot with no ice? In fact, she has a very high admiration for her liver, because it’s still working despite her love for drinking. The only thing Nicole Leigh would say no to is Cognac. So what gives?

Nicole Leigh Model
Nicole Leight loves parting and drinking in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. /// Photo: Credit: @jmarpresents
Nicole Leight Modelling, Model, hot professional Picture
Nicole Leight loves eating and drinking. /// Photo: Credit: @jmarpresents

Well, Nicole Leigh loves working out too. So you can pretty much guess how she worked out a healthy weight and an attractive physique. But you wouldn’t think Nicole Leigh has a perfectly normal diet looking at her body. Beautiful and sexy, without the need to not eat, Nicole Leigh certainly is one amazing woman.

Into the Modelling Word

Nicole Leigh always wanted to become a model while she was still a young girl. So when the right opportunity came knocking, she didn’t let it pass her fingers. Her modelling career started at the later part of 2012 when a friend dragged her to a car show. Nicole Leigh has been a model ever since.

Her first step in the modelling world was when she did a random photoshoot with a friend, just a year before her first appearance in a car show. Today, pictures of Nicole Leigh are splashed on various channels online, including men’s magazine, sports websites and social media sites.

Nicole Leigh is on Instagram. She has over 300'000 Followers. /// Photo: @thenicoleleigh
Nicole Leigh is on Instagram. She has over 300’000 Followers. /// Photo: @thenicoleleigh

Interesting facts about Nicole Leigh

As if a model who loves to eat isn’t interesting enough, Nicole Leigh also plays the violin, another art form that definitely takes her to the next level. She also makes vlogs (video logs), visits water bars and listens to EDM when working out.

Nicole Leigh is also a geek’s dream girl, with her love for science-related stuff and League of Legends. She also dreams of becoming a biochemistry major. Better close your mouth before a fly flies inside it.

Legs Nicole Leigh, Model, Sexy, Hot, Leg
The Legs from Nicole Leigh. /// Photo: @thenicoleleigh Credit: @jswainphotog

Nicole Leigh is definitely a woman of many talents, and a fun personality to boot. One of the many things that anyone would notice about her right away is her bubbly and dorky personality. But don’t let that sweet and sunshine disposition fool you. She can be sarcastic as well. The perfect combination, if I may say so. Anything else she loves? Whales. A logical man with a sense of humor. To make a positive impact on people’s lives. To be known internationally.

Check out Nicole Leigh on Instagram. If you live in L.A. be on the lookout for this beautiful and fun-loving model. You could be standing right next to her.

Nicole Leigh Model Social Media
Nicole Leigh is on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

You can find Nicole Leigh on several Social Media Platforms. V.Men would recommend you following her on Instagram @thenicoleleigh. But Nicole Leigh is on Twitter @thenicoleleigh and Facebook as well.


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