Kendall Jenner is among the most famous young women on the planet, but she didn’t get there by accident. Although Kendall is a part of the famous Kardishian family, she wasn’t given everything on a plate; Kendall really had to work for her place in the sun.

Early life

Kendall Jenner was born on 3rd of November 1995 in Los Angeles. Her mother, Kris, had lost their close friend Nicole Brown Simpson a few months before Kendall was born, so she and husband Bruce gave their daughter the middle name Nicole as a tribute. The child didn’t grow up alone, as her sister Kylie was born two years later.

The girls grew up with each other, but also with their half-sisters and half-brothers – all eight of them! As for the young Kendall herself, she enjoyed her childhood in the attractive Calabasas area of Los Angeles, going to school at Sierra Canyon for a while, then becoming home-schooled once Kendall and her family became more and more famous.

Kendall Jenner Cute Model
Kendall Jenner was first seen in the Reality Show Keeping up with the Kardashians. /// Photo:

Kendall as a model

Modelling was a passion for Kendall from her early teens, and she was impatient to be old enough to work in the business. Kendall signed with Wilhelmina Models in July 2009, aged 13, and by the end of the year she was appearing in her first advertising campaign, for the Forever 21 clothing chain. Kendall Jenner quickly became a very popular model and was featured by Teen Vogue in spring 2010.

Kendall’s natural good looks and bubbly personality led to plenty of magazine cover assignments, ranging from American Cheerleader to Flavour. She also became well-known internationally, and Kendall Jenner quickly became a name spoken about by influential people in the Middle East as well as Australia, where she attended a book launch in Sydney for Victoria’s Secret.

In 2014, Kendall decided to bring a new style to her modelling career and move into high fashion. Major labels were immediately interested, and she worked for all the big names, ranging from Gucci and Chanel to Tommy Hilfiger. Major fashion personalities like Karl Lagerfeld felt that featuring Kendall Jenner would bring both beauty and style to their campaigns.

Kendall Jenner Victorias Secret
Kendall Jenner was walking for Victorias Secret. /// Photo: Instagram @kendalljenner

Kendall Jenner in the media

Unsurprisingly given her family background, Kendall Jenner has proved herself a natural in the spotlight. She appeared in Keeping Up with the Kardashians way back in 2007 and has rarely been off our screens ever since. As Kendall Jenner grew older, she struck out in a new direction, appearing in shows like Hawaii Five-O and even in the PartyNextDoor music video, Recognize.

As well as her own work, she’s also been repeatedly featured by others. Kendall has been named as one of the world’s most beautiful person by People magazine, one of the most influential teens by Time and one of the world’s sexiest women by FHM.

Kendall Jenner Sexy Calvin Klein
Kendall Jenner is modeling for Calvin Klein and several more world famous brands.

Charity fundraising

Some famous people don’t care about others, but Kendall Jenner most definitely does! She strongly believes that everyone should do their best to help people who are struggling in life and has participated in many events to help charities over the last few years. If we listed all of them, it would take up several pages, so here are a few highlights:

As a proud native of Los Angeles, Kendall is always willing to help good causes in her home town, such as the clothing auction she ran with her family in 2013, raising thousands of dollars for the city’s Children’s Hospital. Kendall even got her hands dirty in a yard sale that same year to help local poor kids who were going hungry, and she’s also modelled for the Designers Against Aids project.

The Photo was never published as it apeared to be too sexy. Photo:
The Photo was never published as it apeared to be too sexy. Photo:

Away from the spotlight

No matter how famous you are, there are times when you just want to kick back and relax. If your name is Kendall Jenner, you can do that in your awesome LA condo, which she’s owned since 2014 and is worth well over $1 million. Kendall can also park her drive outside; it’s a fabulous Corvette Stingray sports car. Not a bad way to celebrate her 20th birthday!

Kendall has had a few problems with prying paparazzi and intrusive interviews, but she’s dealt with them very well. She’s still pretty shy despite jetting all over the world, and has made it pretty clear to the media that her private life is just that – private. So are her religious beliefs, although Kendall Jenner said publicly that she is a faithful Christian.

Kendall Jenner does not share as much about her private life as other family members do. /// Photo:
Kendall Jenner does not share as much about her private life as other family members do. /// Photo:

Where next for Kendall Jenner?

Sometimes, it can seem as though Kendall is the woman who had it all by the time she turned 20. Every time you look around, she’s added another award to her already large collection: Kendall has four Teen Choice award wins and four more nominations, not to mention prizes from the likes of and Young Hollywood. So, what is there left for her?

Right now, she’s keeping all her options open. Many fans would love to see her become a true star of the silver screen and make it as a movie actor, while others want to see her stick to her ultra-successful social media career. Let’s face it, though: this is a woman who can turn anything to gold. Whatever she does next, the Kendall Jenner story will never be boring!

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