Jen Selter is a social media star who, like a lot of her fellow Instagram stars, became Internet famous for her lovely posterior. She lives in New York and owns hundreds of pairs of leggings that she uses to show off her butt to the world. But what makes her different from other random selfie models on social media, besides the fact that she is uncommonly gorgeous? Jen Selter is actually a fitness enthusiast more than a model, and started out by posting inspirational material on her social media accounts, and only transitioned to posting photos that highlighted her rear after she noticed that people liked her selfies more than anything else.

Jen Selter Selfie
Almost 10 million people are following Jen Selter on Instagram. She keeps them on track with Selfies in Underwear or in a Bikini.

Jen Selter is part of a new generation of self-made models that allow personal fitness and muscular development to be a huge factor in their looks. In particular, Selter’s large and shapely butt is built not of the usual fat deposits, but rather of a strong and powerful set of glutes. These glutes are not the work of a casual weight lifter, either. You can tell that she does her squats, and in fact her bodybuilding routine is complex and includes body weight exercises—such as donkey kicks and chair kicks—as well as weighted exercises such as the squat pulse. Jen Selter also certainly gets plenty of cardio done.

Jen Selter Fitness
Jen Selter is working hard to be one of the most admired fitness models in the world.

Using her body, her hope is to send a message to the world that healthy bodies are beautiful bodies, and certainly the world seems appreciative, as she has a huge subscriber base. Jen Selter has over 9 million followers on Instagram alone, and that number is constantly ballooning. What is her allure, besides being simply another pretty face? What does she post on social media that has people coming back for more? Well, much of her material still consists of inspirational messages, and many people can relate to that. Many of her posts are about how people can overcome their circumstances and reach their fitness goals, and Jen Selter serves as a visual reminder of what people can expect when they finally choose to become fit.

Jen Selter Body
The Fitness Model has an almost perfect body. /// Photo:

Aside from the inspirational material, you can also find many, many photos featuring her butt. From pictures of her behind while she is doing her daily exercise, to pictures of the back of her pants finally breaking open from the pressure, you will find tons of photos of her in sexy poses that accentuate her posterior. In spite of this, Jen Selter denies any connection with other social media vixens such as Kim Kardashian. In fact, she insists that her inspiration does not lie with mainstream celebrities, but rather with fellow fitness models on the Internet. This is somewhat believable, because she does seem to place a large emphasis on the fitness side of things, unlike many other models. Still, her rear end remains at the forefront of many of her photos, and this is what ultimately is responsible for her huge crowd of followers and multitudes of “likes.”

Jen Selter butt, backside
Jen Selter from the back. People love her trained butt.  /// Photo: Instagram @jenselter

Her ass is not the only thing that has caught the eyes of admirers, however. Jen Selter has a very predominant ab crack that is the envy of many of her followers. What is an ab crack? Some people have hailed it as the new “six pack,” and it is essentially that visible crevice that runs between both sides of the rectus abdominis on very fit people. As with a six-pack, this is an indication more of low body fat percentage than of muscularity, but it is particularly impressive to see it on a woman. No doubt, Jen Selter’s gym routines and disciplined diet have allowed her to cultivate this impressive Ab Crack.

Jen Selter Ab Crack
Thanks to the hard workout Jen Selter achieved a perfect Ab Crack

Still, some sources have complained that the so-called ab crack is yet another example of unrealistic body standards for women, a new iteration of the much-maligned “thigh gap,” and that it only exists on women who starve themselves. This is quite untrue, however, as the likes of Jen Selter are actually very fit individuals. It is hard to engage in activities like weight lifting and see any results, after all, if one is suffering from starvation. It is true, however, that a body fat percentage that is low enough to allow a person to have their ab crack exposed is difficult to achieve for most people, and especially for women, since they tend to have higher body fat levels than men. On social media, however, the focus isn’t so much on this difficult work or on the philosophical implications of unrealistic beauty standards—people just want to see a nice ass and some abs. As much as a minority of the populace may complain, time and time again people have proven themselves to have no interest in “realistic” beauty, and instead they seek out people with exceptional bodies such as Jen Selter. Either way, Jen Selter holds that all bodies are beautiful, and that body shaming is wrong. She frequently pushes the message that people should be happy with what they have and that they should just be themselves, while still working towards their goals.

Jen Selter Relaxing
Jen Selter: It’s not only about working and working out. You should be happy as well and proud of what you have achieved // Photo:

As with anyone who has anything exceptional about them, though, Jen Selter has suffered from criticism. She has her Instagram haters just as most people do. She insists that one shouldn’t give negative people attention, however, and judging from her actions on social media, she seems to stay true to her word and frequently takes the high road. This is somewhat expected from a social media veteran like herself, though.

Jen Selter is on all Social Media, however her Instagram Account is the most frequent observed one. You can follow Jen Selter on Instagram @jenselter, Facebook or Twitter @JenSelter.

Backside from Jen Selter
Jen Selter Backside. /// Photo: Instagram @jenselter

Overall, what is the future looking like for Jen Selter? Well, her admired body has brought her more than just praise over the years, and probably will continue to. She not only has millions of followers on her social media accounts, she now has deals with fitness companies to model their wares. She was even featured in People Magazine’s list of hottest bodies back in 2014, and her popularity has only increased ever since. Jen Selter certainly deserves the attention, as her attractive body is a great example of what can be achieved with a carefully disciplined life.

Jen Selter's butt is so trained that her Jeans ripped.
Jen Selter’s butt is so trained that her Jeans ripped.

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Jen Selter Face
Jen Selter relaxing at home /// Photo: Instagram @jenselter
Jen Selter Beach
Jen Selter hapyy on the Beach. /// Photo:
Jen Selter Bikini /// Photo: Instagram @jenselter
Jen Selter Bikini /// Photo: Instagram @jenselter


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