Many people think of fitness as a man’s game, but of course there are many female athletes out there to prove them wrong; Anna Nyström is among them. Whether squatting, deadlifting, or doing some planks to keep those abs tight, she’s showing the world that a passion for fitness and for keeping your muscles healthy and strong is for people of all sexes. (Anna Nyström myriad of tight athletic outfits don’t hurt in spreading the message, either.)

Anna Nyström Fitenss Model and Instagram Star from Sweden
Anna Nyström is taking a Selfie in an hot Adidas Shirt. /// Foto:

A crossfitter with an extremely well-developed physique, Anna Nyström has been a fitness model for a few years now, and has an Instagram following of over 2,7 million. Between the expected selfies and photos of herself in front of beautiful backgrounds, there are shots of her performing squats and other exercises with great form, a habit that hopefully is inspiring the members of her huge audience. Though, to be frank, going by the pictures that she frequently posts on her Instagram, about 90% of her exercise routine appears to in fact be squats of various kinds (which can get kind of monotonous), although perhaps this is the best movement to showcase her well-developed posterior to the world, which she seems to like showing off in most of her pictures. Few people can blame her for it. As a model, one of her most precious assets is her looks, and she’s not shy about showing them off in both her plain gym clothes and in more elaborate costumes like a tight leather outfit.

Anna Nyström Fitness Model, Instagram, Selfi
Anna Nyström has over 2,7 Million Instagram Follower /// Foto:

Hailing from Sweden, Anna Nyström has a very classically beautiful look about her, with light blond hair and striking blue eyes, but her toned look flies in the face of the more traditionally-accepted female curvature and higher body-fat percentage. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, of course, but it does give her legs in particular a very streamlined, powerful look. For some—or at least for her followers—powerful can be sexy. At the same time, her shape is not masculine at all and is in fact very distinctly feminine, retaining a lot of that female softness, which is likely inspiring to women who might not otherwise get into resistance training for fear of seeming “bulky.” Examples like Anna Nyström will hopefully dispel these common myths over time and bring the healthy benefits (and aesthetic benefits) of lifting weights to the attention of more women. If her popularity is any indication, that may indeed be happening.

Strong Gril from Sweden, Anna Nyström is working hard and would beat most of men, Foto: Instagram @annanystrom
Strong Gril from Sweden, Anna Nyström is working hard and would beat most of men, Foto: Instagram @annanystrom

While staring at pictures of Anna Nyström doing pistol squats on top of a medicine ball may not be your idea of inspiration, at the very least you can enjoy the aesthetic appeal of a person who has perfected their physique to this level. Not all of her pictures are at the gym, and in fact most of them have a slew of different backgrounds; Anna Nyström is simply documenting her life just as anyone else would. Of course, as you might expect, by far the most frequent subject of all of her photos is herself…and her rather substantial “assets,” if you will. At any rate, if you’re looking to add an interesting model to your list of people to stalk on Instagram, Anna Nyström is a good choice.

You can find Anna Nyström on Instagram: @annanystrom

After starting on Instagram, you can find Anna Nyström as well on Twitter @AnnaNystromT and Facebook.

Some of the best Pictures from Anna Nyström

Anna Nyström Photo, Instagram Picture

Anna Nyström, Fitness Model and Instagram Star /// Foto:

Anna Nyström, Fitness, Strong,
Anna Nyström is easily lifting the weights /// Foto: Instagram @annanystrom
Anna Nyström Selfie, Bikini, Hot, Instagram
Hot Bikini Selfie from Anna Nyström /// Foto: Instagram @annanystrom
Anna Nyström on the Beach
Anna Nyström is eating very healthy lots of fresh fruites. /// Foto:

Anna Nyström is eating healthy do the same. Read for example: Healthy Breakfast

Anna Nysträm Bikini, Beach Photo
Anna Nyström on the beach with fresh fruites. /// Foto:
Anna Nyström with a cute dog, /// Photo:
Anna Nyström with a cute dog, /// Photo:
Anna Nyström Bikini, Beach Picture, Facebook
Nice backside, /// Foto:
Anna Nyström work out Picture
Anna Nyström is working hard for her body /// Photo:
Anna Nyström perfect body picture
The result from the hard work out, a perfect body /// Photo: Instagram @annanystrom
Anna Nyström cute picture from her,
Anna Nyström on the Beach /// Photo:
Anna Nyström Face Selfie
Anna Nyström /// Photo:


Workout on the beach /// Photo:
Workout on the beach /// Photo:
Anna Nyström, relaxing, bikini, bali, instagram
Relaxing after a tough day./// Photo:


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