Things you should know when you travel to Peru

If you´re planning to visit South America, Peru should definitely be one of your destinations. With its delicious food and lovely population, this country definitely deserves, at least, a week in your schedule. If you´ve never visited this wonderful land and decide to give it a try for the first time, chances are you will be a little bit disoriented once you arrive. Don´t worry though, as we will provide you with some tips and pieces of information that will be very useful once you arrive in Peru.

1It´s not how you think it is

Miraflores, an upper-class quarter in Lima, Photo Credit: Jess Kraft /

For some odd reason, some people think Peru is a deserted country full of llamas and mountains. In fact, many visitors are surprised to see there are cars and roads in Peru.

If this was a concern for you, then don’t worry, for Peru is not what you expected. Sure, you can go to a lot of places far from the city that are full of llamas and green mountains. However, if you decide to travel to Lima, you will be able to encounter roads, fancy restaurants and luxurious hotels.

If you love shopping, then you can visit Jockey Plaza in Lima where you will find worldwide known retailers like Zara, Brooks Brothers, Mango, Tommy Hilfiger, H&M and many more.

2Uber is your best bet

Taxi in Arequipa Peru, Photo Credit: Martchan, Shutterstock

Unlike most countries in the world Uber is incredibly cheap in Peru. Just so that you can have an idea, the minimum fare is 7 soles, which translates to $2. However, you must bear in mind that Uber is only present in the capital Lima, at least for now.

If you decide to visit Lima, Uber will take you anywhere you want at incredible rates. Even Uber Black, the premium version, is astonishingly affordable when compared to other countries. All this being said, transportation should not be a concern if you decide to visit the wonderful capital.

3You´re basically rich if you carry dollars

As you might know, the dollar is in a very advantageous situation, as it is rising at incredible levels. Just like in many South American countries, dollars are worth quite a bit. At the current exchange rate, $1 is worth 3.52 soles. Not only that, but the dollar is expected to keep rising its value in the following months. This means the situation will only get better if you decide to travel to Peru in the following weeks.

4You will fall in love with the food

If there´s one thing Peru is well-known for, then that thing is its food. Peru has so many delicious dishes you won´t even have time to try them all. However, if you decide to give it a go we recommend: ceviche, lomo saltado, papa a la huancaína, anticuchos, and picarones. Don´t worry if you can´t pronounce some of them. Just write them down and show your list at any Peruvian restaurant. As we said before, most restaurants in Peru will be very cheap if you´re carrying dollars.

If you want something fancy, then you can visit some of the gourmet restaurants Peru has to offer. We recommend “Central” which is currently ranked as the third best restaurant in the world. “Astrid y Gastón” is another fancy restaurant that will delight you with each one of its creations. If you were wondering, this one is ranked 14th in the list of the world´s best restaurants.

5Lima isn´t everything

Although many people head straight to Lima when they visit Peru, bear in mind there are other regions that are just as beautiful and attractive. For instance, you have Cusco, a place that is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World: Machu Picchu.

If you want to enjoy a marvelous day on the best beach in Peru, we recommend you visit Máncora in Piura. In this place you will find the perfect combination of crystalline water and white sand.

6The weather in Lima is very weird

One of the best things about Lima is that it never gets too hot or too cold. However, the weather is incredibly unpredictable. You might think is will be sunny each day of the summer. However, you will can randomly encounter a cloudy day among the many days of the summer.

Alternatively, you can go out with a huge coat in winter just to come across a sunny day. In other words: Bring all kinds of clothes, for you never know what you will find.

7Don´t drive

Why You should not Drive in Peru. Photo Credit: Jess Kraft /

Unless you live in Mexico where traffic is just as awful as in Peru, don´t you dare drive. Chances are you will end up with an anxiety crisis or with your rental car crashed. People in Peru are not exactly the best drivers in the world. In fact, they often tend to ignore most of the rules and drive to their liking. As we said before, if you come to Lima just use Uber.

If you´re going to cross the street, don´t expect Peruvians to step. They will keep going until a police officer comes to your aid. Just wait for the traffic light to turn red and you will be fine.

8Pisco is a must

If you are over 18 years old you can try a Peruvian drink called Pisco. It is made out of fermented grapes and it is utterly delicious. If you want to try the best Peru has to offer, go to a bar and order a Pisco sour. Not only will you end up wasted (drink responsibly) but you will fall in love with this drink´s flavor. If you´re sneaky you can take some Pisco bottles to your country.

9Avoid dangerous places

Just like most countries, Peru has some areas that are very dangerous and should not be accessed by foreign people. In fact, there are most areas where even Peruvians don´t want to enter. Just ask the locals for these places and try to avoid them at all cost.

10Choose a good hotel

If you fancy for a luxurious hotel in the capital, we strongly recommend you visit the Marriot or the Westin. These are the best hotels in the country and are surprisingly affordable. If you decide to stay at the later, you will notice that all the cabs offered at the hotel are luxurious Audi models.

If you are backpacking and are on a low budget, you will also be able to find hotels for you. Just go to Miraflores and you will encounter tons of hotels made for backpackers from all around the world.

11Go to Cusco in New Year´s eve

Do you want to experience the craziest night of your life? Go to Cusco in New Year´s eve. People from all over the world visit this place to have a night of a lifetime. Everyone goes absolutely crazy on 31st of December and they all gather at the center of the town. Needless to say, don´t come if you don’t like crazy and reckless parties.

12Make the most out of it

Time flies when you´re in Peru so make sure you make the most out of it. Try to be out of your hotel every single day, for only that way you will have a true Peruvian experience. Have a nice trip!


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