Professional model and surfer Alana Rene Blanchard is not your typical surfer chick, as she happens to be one of the hottest surfers on the planet. Alana Blanchard not only has the looks – flowy blonde hair and a smoking hot bod, but also the talent and killer skills to boot.

Some people might have known about her through the movie Soul Surfer, where Blanchard was played by Jack Nicholson’s daughter Lorraine Nicholson. No? Well, she was that other hot surfer who was friends with Bethany Hamilton, played by Anna-Sophia Robb. Her dad, Holt Blanchard, was played by Kevin Sorbo.

The movie was a real-life story, which means Blanchard was there when Hamilton was attacked by a shark.

Alana Blanchard Sexy Surfer Girl
Alana Blanchard is a surfer girl and model alike. /// Photo: Instagram @alanarblanchard

Personal Life

Born on the beautiful island of Kauai, Alana learned to surf when she was around 4 years old, with her dad as her coach. Alana Blanchard started competing at the age of 9 and, as they say, the rest is history. Blanchard is currently in a relationship with Jack Freestone, an Australian pro surfer.

Alana Blanchard with her boyfriend
Too bad Alana Blanchard has Boyfriend. Photo: Instagram: alanarblanchard

In her official website, Alana Blanchard says she works hard to stay fit and healthy, especially when she’s traveling. As a vegan, Blanchard makes it a habit to eat the best local produce. She also finds cool places to work out, and prefers to walk when going shopping, as she considers it as an exercise.

Despite of her love of surfing new waves, which often means going away on long trips, Blanchard always goes back to what she calls home – Hawaii.

Alana Blanchard loves to surf and to be in Hawaii. Photo:
Alana Blanchard loves to surf and to be in Hawaii. Photo:

Professional Life of Alana Blanchard

Alana Blanchard enjoys a successful career, with several sponsorships, including Rip Curl, GoPro, futures, and Modom. 2014 marked a decade of partnership between Blanchard and Rip Curl, with the company saying she “brings a sense of fun, beauty, good times and a real embodiment of ‘The Search’ to the Rip Curl family”.

Blanchard has won championships while competing all over the world. These include The Women’s Pipeline Championships in Hawaii, The Roxy Pro Trials in Haleiwa, Hawaii, The Rip Curl Girls Festival Junior Pro in Spain, The Billabong Pro Pre Trials in Hookipa, Maui and The Volcom Pufferfish Surf Series in Pinetrees, Kauai. In the shortboard competition at the 2005 T&C Women’s Pipeline Championships, Blanchard also took first place. She has also surfed on the ASP World Tour.

Alana Blanchard with a dog
Alana Blanchard is a natur and animal lover. /// Photo: Instagram: @alanarblanchard

In 2015, Alana Blanchard dropped hints that she may take a break from competitive surfing, which will surely make many of us sad, even if it’s just a break. The good news is Blanchard won’t be out of the limelight entirely, since she models and designs her own line of Rip Curl swimwear, particularity surfing wetsuits. The Alana’s Closet range and the Mirage Bikini line showcase her strong opinion and preferences incorporated into the design.

sexy Alana Blanchard - surfer girl in underware
Aside from surfing Alana Blanchard is working as a model. /// Photo: Instagram: @alanarblanchard

Alana Blanchard has one of the biggest and most passionate followings in social media in the sport of surfing. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering her ranking and achievements in the surfing world. What are the odds that you happen to be one of her fans and followers?

Instagram: @alanarblanchard Twitter: @alanaRblanchard and Facebook

Alana Blanchard Instagram
It’s defently worth following Alana Blanchard on Instagram @alanarblanchard


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