Rachel Cook is a famous and an accomplished actress born in North Carolina, USA. Rachel Cook has been an actress since she was fourteen years old and has been acting ever since. However, she began appearing in the public’s eye at seven years old where she was part of the cast for a public service announcement about foster care.

Rachel, being the daughter of a former stand-up comedian, does not find it hard to be in the public eye. She even started modeling at the age of 10 where she was employed by Target (the second largest retail name following Walmart) and Milk-bone which is a popular dog-biscuit brand that has been around since 1908.

Rachel Cook is happily married to Daniel Gillies, an actor from New Zealand that was originally from Canada and famous for his role as Elijah Mikaelson on The Vampire Diaries. It’s a hit TV series that was spun-off into The Originals.

Rachel and Daniel have a lovely daughter and a handsome son named Charlotte Easton (4 yrs. old) and Theodore Vigo Sullivan (2 yrs. old) respectively.

Rachel Cook is a mother of two children. Can you believe it?

The Many Firsts of Rachel Cook

The first film that Rachel Cook took as being one of the main characters was in a film called, The Baby-Sitters Club (1995), which was based from a book written by a renowned American children’s book author Ann M. Martin. And her first box-office film bust was when she starred in Josie and the Pussycats (2001), where the film as it turned out became a box office flop costing more in production than it made when shown in the big screen. It had a budget of $22 million, but only made a mere $14.9 million.

Her first film to have made the most success in terms of financial goals was the romantic comedy film directed by Robert Iscove called, She’s All That, where Rachel Cook plays a dorky and unpopular art student. The film had a budget of $10 million, but made an impressive $103 million.

Rachel Cook Nice Picture
Rachel Cook posts pictures on her instagram account and on youtube. Photo: instagram rachelc00k

Aside From Her Being An Actor

Although a renowned and generally well-received actress winning at least 8 prestigious awards in which 2 of these awards are in the best actress category, she did not limit her career in the acting and modeling sphere.

Rachel Cook also owns and runs her own production company, Ben’s Sister Productions and gave birth to two films titled Tangled (2001) and 29 Palms (2002).

Rachel Cook on the beach.

In 2011 Rachel Cook served as a Champion of Change for Arts Education which advocates for arts and humanities to be vital parts of a child’s education. And in the following year she started her own program of giving small scholarships for students who want to take career classes and other mentoring programs. The students who benefited from this initiative were between the ages of 14 and 19 years old.

Even if Rachel is already an accomplished actor she is active in social media and genuinely tries to reach out to her fans there. Rachel Cook is most active in Youtube where she updates consistently and has over 51,000 subscribers.

Rachel Cook wearing a nice bikini.

Rachel Cook Photos

We show you the best Photos of Rachel Cook. You can find more Pictures on her Instagram @rachelc00k.

Rachel Cook wearing a black bikini.

Rachel Cook enjoys being outside.

Rachel Cook enjoys being outside.
Rachel Cook hiking in the mountains.

Even Rachel is working out hard. Sometimes it’s time to enjoy an ice cream.

Rachel Cook enjoys an ice cream.


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