Remember the days desktops used to be our only source to the digital world? Those desktops lacked portability and required ample space to be placed inside your rooms. If you just take a look around yourself while sitting in a room filled with people, then you will definitely see most of the people looking through their smartphones and searching online. Smartphones can fit in your pockets, are portable and come in beautiful sizes, styles and shapes. This is technological advancement from where you move from one version to another version of windows at the speed of light, you move from Iphone 5 to Iphone 6 within a matter of one year. Technology has definitely affected each and every sector of our life adversely. However, entertainment is one of the dimensions of life that has been most amazingly advanced and beautified over the years. The entertainment industry has seen drastic changes that are most evident from the shape of your television boxes which changed from a box shape to a sleek wall hugging LED television which has a very high-resolution picture quality and excellent sound quality as well. Well, thinking of sound it is just plain injustice not to talk about the new Beolab 18. Beolab 18, by Bang & Olufsen, is an aural work of art. It is the perfect blend of technology and style by putting forward an exceptional column of sound. It is not only a depiction of advancement in technology but also a great collaboration of form, aptitude as well as performance. If you want to know more about Beolab 18, then keep on reading:

1Beolab 18 Shape and Design

The iconic and stylish shape of the speakers are not just a mere coincidence but are a combination of unparalleled wireless sound quality, total placement flexibility and the unique materials that constitute it.

The loudspeaker is a pedestal of eternal design which illustrates different expressions. It is available in a variety of colors like white, oak, maple and walnut etc. So you can choose the one that suits your taste or your room the best. It is this smart and attractive design, that has driven the innovation and advancement in technology, that Beolab 18 brings forth.

2Lens in Focus

The high-quality acoustic lens is helpful in evenly spreading the sound throughout the room in an 180-degree horizontal angle. The beauty of the lens that has been amazingly created from aluminum is further accentuated by the subtle green glow when the Beolab 18 is turned on. Thus, it is a marvelous creation of engineering fused with superior quality sound performance to produce these beautiful loudspeakers.

3Wireless Technology

First, your phones became wireless and now this, by the introduction of Beolab 18, into the market; the manufacturers of the company have fully utilized wireless technology, to bring out for the people, an advanced version of the seamless audio experience. Each speaker just requires a single power cable which provides extreme flexibility and freedom to launch a unique avant-garde, multi-channel wireless audio throughout your room without any kind of hassle.


The sleek Bang & Olufsen design, the ability to disperse sound evenly and the freedom to adjust and optimize sound according to your will give you the liberty and choice to place these speakers anywhere without having to make any compromise on sound quality or pitch. These speakers can be positioned anywhere either attached to your wall like the latest television sets, in the corner of your room so they occupy the least space or can be free-standing and add to the beauty of your room. They come with two types of placement options that allow you to place them where ever you like. These placement options include a wall bracket and a floor stand which can be used to adjust your speakers the way you please. These loudspeakers are so sleek and trendy that they would look good in every nook and corner of your room.

5Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Bang & Olufsen Beolab 18 is exceptional as the director of Bang & Olufsen has confessed that they are engaged in continuous and thorough research to deliver to the buyers the quality of sound that both the director and singer have desired and worked hard to produce. So it provides clear and uninterrupted high-quality sound that is spread evenly throughout the room.

6Exterior and Interior


The exterior consists of sleek wooden lamellas have been designed to anticipate the sound coming out of the speakers which hide an interior which is a depiction of technically advanced engineering. Its design is aimed to be an honor to Nordic architecture combined with competent craftsmanship and high-level engineering aptitude. As people love to invest in new and innovative looking products, thus Beolab 18 is a hit design that respects the original beolab 8000 speaker but maintains their unique design and performance that takes the whole audio experience to new heights.

7Different Combinations

You can have wireless compatibility and combine Beolab 18 with certain other Bang & Olufsen products like BeoVision Avant, BeoSound Essence and BeoSound Moment to create a BeoLink Multiroom. It comes with a variety of exciting options and combinations which you can buy to ensure that different music plays in different rooms or the same tune flows throughout the house, either by making few clicks on your device or by adjusting the settings on your mobile device.

Thus, it is a great device that enables you to enjoy a good quality of sound that is spread evenly throughout the room so everyone enjoys the same intensity and quality. This has been enabled due to its unique feature of adaptive bass. It is a wonderful device for parties and for enjoying music at home but this device lacks one important feature of modern times which is portability or mobility. It is not easy to carry around from one room to another or on your way to a friend’s place. Thus, we still await a better and more slender version of speakers by Bang & Olufsen that we can carry around with ourselves.


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