There’s technically nothing wrong with taking your date to a posh restaurant, a quaint little cafe, or even the most stylish bar in town. After all, these places have been tried and tested and have seen many relationships bloom over the years. However, you have to admit that they can get kind of dull and boring, particularly if you’ve seen more than your fair share of dates being spent in these spots.

So what should you do now? Should you continue having dates in these locations even when you already find them monotonous? Or should you stop dating at all (gasp!)?

You don’t really have to go that far since there are many alternative dating locations you can choose from. Since they’re slightly off the beaten track, there’s a huge chance that your date hasn’t experienced them yet and that she’ll love every minute the two of you will spend in the place. There’s even the chance that your unusual choice of location will greatly impress your date and make her see that you’re a fantastic one-of-a-kind guy!

Ready to get started? Here are some of the alternative dating locations you need to explore:

1Theme parks

Theme parks are a great choice since they cater to almost everyone. If your date is scared of heights, for instance, you can stick to safe choices like the merry-go-round or just bond over cones of ice cream and swirls of cotton candy. If she’s a daredevil, get ready to scream your lungs out on roller coasters, giant swings, and other scary rides. The best part about choosing this location is that you can always give your date a bunch of colorful balloons to show that you like her and end your day on a romantic note.

2Concert halls

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These definitely won’t work for first dates (particularly if you’re going to a rock concert where you can’t hear each other), but they can work for fourth or fifth dates and succeeding ones. Here’s the thing, though: before you buy tickets, make sure you and your date like the same type of music and have similar tastes in terms of artists and songs. This way, you can both enjoy the concert and can talk about it for hours after it’s ended.

3Botanical gardens

Many guys avoid botanical gardens because they think of these as dull and boring, but lots of girls actually love a date or two in these places. This isn’t really surprising: with the lush greenery, blooming flowers, and shady trees, they can give you a perfectly romantic backdrop for your date. They’re also usually peaceful and quiet, allowing you and your date to converse with ease and get to know each other.


Is your date an animal lover? If she is, why not have your date at your local zoo or animal park? It’s a great way of saying that you took the time to know about her interests and that you want to learn more about her (such as what her favorite animals are and why she likes them). But remember: before going on your date, do your research and look for a zoo or animal park that’s clean, attractive, and well-maintained and will surely impress your date.


No, we don’t mean that you and your date should go back to school and earn a degree. We say “classrooms” in a sense that you and your date can sign up for a half-day class and learn a new skill side by side. One of your best options is  a cooking class, which will give you the chance to learn something new while having a common experience you can talk about later on. You can take basic lessons if both of you aren’t really good cooks or opt for advanced classes if the two of you have excellent cooking skills.

Not really into food preparation? Don’t worry since there are many other options you can choose from! Whether you and your date like drawing, dancing, pottery, yoga, or photography, you’ll surely find a class that suits your interests and will give you a great time.

6Sports venues

These places usually fall into two categories: venues where you watch athletes play and venues where you and your date play. Either way, these are great locations if both you and your date love sports and like the same kind of sports.

One of the best things you can do is to get tickets to a big game. But, if you don’t have the budget or if the tickets are already sold out, you can catch it by going to a snazzy sports bar in your area and watching the game on their big-screen TV.

If you and your date aren’t in a mood to watch sports, look for a place where you can play and get sweaty instead. A mini golf course, for instance, is a great place to practice your putting skills while having a laugh. You can also look for an indoor rock climbing area, a tennis court, or any other venue that suits your sports preferences.

7Local parks

Who says that you need to go to a restaurant to enjoy a good meal? Invite your date for a picnic, pack a picnic basket, and head off to a park near you. By doing this, you and your date can enjoy delicious food and drinks while having the chance to relax in a peaceful environment and enjoy each others’ company.

Here’s the thing, though: before your picnic, make sure to know about the food and drinks that your date likes. You don’t want to bring dishes and desserts that she’s allergic to or that she doesn’t eat due to religious reasons. Similarly, you don’t want to pack food or drinks that she basically hates.


The beach is one of the best date locations if you want to escape the stuffy environment of posh restaurants and hip coffee shops. By going to the beach, you and your date can be yourselves and just enjoy the sand, sun, and surf. Swim to your heart’s content, build sand castles, or even get impromptu surfing lessons. Packing a picnic basket beforehand is important if you’re going to a remote beach, though it’s necessary if you’re heading off to a popular area since you’ll most likely find stalls selling food and drinks by the boardwalk.

These are just some of the alternative dating locations you can look into. Choose from these not-so-ordinary places now and have a fun and memorable date!


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