Lenovo just unveiled a whole brand new family of ThinkPad series starting with the new and improved ThinkPad P50 and P70. The company promised that the new ThinkPad P series will be the best in performance and reliability. This section will give you a chance to take a closer look at the new ThinkPad series and decide whether or not the company lived up to the people’s expectations


Lenovo ThinkPad P50

Lenovo now offers a 15-inch workstation in the form of ThinkPad P50 notebook. Contrary to what the current trends are, you cannot get a customer device with the help of professional components. So was this worth the wait? Lenovo’s new 15-inch workstation is the direct successor of the previous ThinkPad W541. The thinner ThinkPad W series have been successfully replaced all over by the new slimmer and smarter ThinkPad P50s.

Taking a look at the specifications f the new ThinkPad P50, not much has been changed. The graphic card still haves in the same class. The Quadro M1000M will be succeeding K1100M and Quadro M200M will be succeeding Quadro K2100M.

The build quality of the ThinkPad P50 seems to be a lot better than the ThinkPad W series. No bending or flex or weak points to be found anywhere. Lenovo did an amazing job in the making of the ThinkPad p50, by using section for the storage, battery, memory slots on either sides of the motherboard, without wasting any space and located the CPU at the back of the machine to prevent any kind of warm palm rests, making the users happy for choosing the ThinkPad P5p notebook.

The Lenovo ThinkPad P50s is the company’s most lightest and thinnest workstations to this date and includes a 15.6 inched 4k UHD display and is capable of the run ISV applications.

All of these features and improvements alone are enough to make the user realize that this is the perfect ThinkPad P50. Lenovo has literally gone above and beyond the expectation; the ThinkPad P50 delivers all the typical ports including PC card, express Card, smart card reader, multimedia and etc. It operates n Windows 7 Pro, with the ability to upgrade to Windows 10 operating system. However, at the same time, with all the highly specialized features, it is not much cost effective, so the user needs to be sure that if he or she I laying out a tidy sum of money, it should be worth it.

However, there are some pros and cons to be considered in the new ThinkPad P5p as well. In all fairness, they should be addressed too, however, they still are nothing compared to what the Lenovo ThinkPad will provide the users.


Lenovo ThinkPad P70

The latest ThinkPad P7o is definitely on the slimmest or lightest notebook in the Lenovo market, but if you are in search for a notebook with blistering performance, then Lenovo’s ThinkPad P70 will your best bet!

ThinkPad P70 workstation is one the only or first few notebooks featuring the Sixth generation Intel Skylake Processor, which should be able to give it a boost in performance compared to the Haswell or Broadwell chips. Not only that, but the new ThinkPad is also equipped with plenty of RAM and ample storage with an excellent keyboard and the wide selection of typical ports for connectivity purposes. The New Lenovo ThinkPad p70 is positioned as the ultimate workstation that one can take with him or her on the go without missing their desktop.

Despite the fact that Lenovo is on its way to give its workstations a new badge and identity, the design of the new ThinkPad P70 is not much changed. The ThinkPad comes with a matte black coloured box, similar to that of the old ThinkPad W550s. The ThinkPad P70 can be easily configured with the 3Tb stage making it the best and ideal choice for working with large video or graphic files

Final Verdict for Lenovo ThinkPad P50 and P70 Notebooks

Obviously, there might be a huge difference in the opinion of different users using the new ThinkPad P series. There may be several individuals who use these models and are already impressed with its performance and features. However, each model has its own ups and downs.

Most of the reviews regarding the ThinkPad P50 came up with one common disappointment of additional accessories required by the particular workstation and also the cable and bracket for adding additional HDD were not available.

ThinkPad P70 turned out to have more biased reviews due to its large size and weight. If you do not mind carrying the large dimensions and the 7.6 pounds along with you, then the ThinkPad P70 is the best for you with Intel’s Skylake processor. Also, the battery cannot be replaced in the new ThinkPad P70s notebooks.

Apart from the minor issues, the new ThinkPad P50 and P70 notebook are still one of the most advanced and efficient workstations manufactured by Lenovo for the convenience of its customers. As more people switch to notebooks and laptops, undoubtedly Lenovo ThinkPad P50 and P70 are today rapidly increasing in popularity with their amazing features.


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