Hey Guys! So a few days back I was in the midst of a group of friends just having a few drinks. One of them, mentioned that his girlfriend was always bugging him about doing something nice on Sundays and all he wanted to do was chill and watch the games.

I am very sure the guy felt flowers and chocolates was the answer to get her off his back; but come on guys. We need to learn how to make the ladies feel extra special, make her feel the way she felt on the first date. Show her that you still care and still into her like you were during when you were still chasing her.

Most people have Sundays’ free, so it’s the perfect day to do something special for your lady. Below are some tips for special Sunday activities:

A Nice

Surprise her by picking her up from her place and take her somewhere nice. No matter how much she begs you to tell her where you are taking her, please don’t. Remember it’s meant to be a surprise.

Prior to getting to your destination, you can decide to put a blindfold on her…girls love this stuff. Please ensure you lead her by holding her hands, we wouldn’t want her to miss a step and fall now do we?

Maybe a Picnic

surprise your girlfriend

A nice date for a romantic afternoon would be a picnic, especially by the lake. Now that would be super romantic and beautiful. Trust me your girl will get all emotional and feel special.

…not outdoorsy? A restaurant it is

Or you could take her to that new restaurant you heard about or have passed by a couple of times. Pull out her chair, allow her order first and preferably, let her pick desert for both of you. Leave all devices on the table. Concentrate solely on her, listen to what he has to say, say sweet stuff to her. Make your girl blush.

Chick flick does it all the time

Couple in Cinema

Your girl might be the movies and popcorn kind, nothing wrong with that. Let her pick the movie, allow her pick the seats, let her catch you staring at her during the movie. If it’s a romantic movie, don’t get irritated when she starts crying, cuddle her. But if its horror, hold her whenever she jumps.

Sunday is such a family day, don’t you think?

Take her to go see your or her family on a Sunday. Let her mingle and get to know your family. Allow her speak when she is asked questions. Introduce her around and this will make her feel special.

Cook for her

Couple cooking Pizza together 2


You might decide to just spend day indoors with her. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Cook for her, set the tables with candles, be the chef and her waiter. You can adopt a French accent to make the atmosphere more romantic. After dinner and desserts, you can decide to relax by the lounge area and give her a soothing massage.

So many options to choose from and what you might have in mind may not even be listed so try it out, see her reaction. Take your girl out this Sunday!


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