You might want to learn a few tricks about how to make a woman laugh before you even considering joining the dating game. By the way, it is making them laugh without dumbing down.

Think your beautiful eyes and muscular physique will be enough to get you somewhere in modern dating? Perhaps, but it might not be enough.

Research conducted by the Stanford University School of Medicine revealed that women are now more appreciative of humor and the man who produces it. It is now a scientific fact that women are more likely to be attracted to men who are funny.

Studies also showed a link between humor and intelligence. Apparently, the people who are consistently smart are also the funniest. And based on evolution, an intelligent man is a female magnet because it shows he can obtain resources to support his family’s needs, and he is likely to succeed in the workplace.

A study conducted in 2011 also suggests that a woman’s judgement about a man’s humor is often based on how intelligent he appears to her. Simply put, humor has now become an indicator of intelligence.

Now, can you still say you only need your looks to ask a woman out on a date?

Got looks, but not the sense of humor?

Making a woman laugh won’t be a problem if you have an inherent sense of humor. When you are naturally funny – and not ridiculous, you don’t need to exert a lot of effort in tickling the opposite sex’s funny bone.

But don’t despair if you lack sense of humor.

In an article in Psychology Today, Dr. Gil Greengross, Ph.D wrote, “A good sense of humor is about timing, the ability to say the funny thing at the right time and to the right people”.

He advised against memorizing a thousand jokes because that wouldn’t make you humorous at all, especially if you flunk proper delivery. It’s even worse when the joke you make is sexist. You’ll just be perceived as a jerk and ass, then.

He added that humor is an interpersonal activity that involves “high level of emotional, social and also mating intelligence”.

Okay, the last part may seem asking too much from you. But think back on timing and work on it.

What do you need to do then to make a woman laugh?

Don’t try so hard

This means exactly what the good doctor said, “Don’t memorize jokes”. Don’t even copy lines from some a stand-up comedian you know. This would not make you funny or charming, but a poser who’s just trying too hard to be funny but failed. And remember not to push it if your efforts suck. You’ll make the situation awkward if you suddenly say, “This is the point where you’re supposed to laugh”.

Take slapstick off your books

Going Mr Bean or 3 Stooges may be funny on TV, but not during a date, especially the first date. Don’t hurt yourself just trying to be funny. It might turn out to be ridiculous and crazy. Can you see your date running towards the opposite direction? More than likely.

Take lessons from funny people

If you think that you don’t have a funny bone in your body at all, learn from those who do. Observe funny people around you or watch comedians in a movie or stand-up clubs. You will discover that being funny has less to do with the delivery of a joke, and more to do with body language and timing. Take cues from them and learn.

Wait for the right time

Couple Laughting

Don’t rush and display your goofy side on the first date. Focus on the 3Cs – Charm, Charisma and Courtesy instead. This should help you get a second date. But wait until the third time to unleash your sense of humor.

Don’t overdo it

Apart from trying too hard, overdoing it is the next worse thing you can do. Put yourself in her shoes and think about what you would feel if she keeps throwing funny one-liners all the time and would never stop until you laugh. That would just be plain annoying.

Laugh at her jokes

If you still haven’t found your sense of humor, it would help if you appreciate her sense of humor. Laugh at her jokes and make her feel like you’re very interested in what she’s saying. Even if she talks about the most technical stuff about her work, put in an effort to share what you know, no matter how little. She’ll appreciate you then.

Just remember to laugh the right way. Yes, the right way. No maniacal laugh here, but a chuckle or a wholehearted one, depending on how funny the joke is.

Start with a funny personal tale

Women love to share stories, sentiments and secrets. It’s in their nature. So why not share a funny tale about your family or friends? This would not only make her laugh, but also speed up the bonding process. But you might want to avoid making something up, as she might see right through it. You should also keep the graphic details to yourself and keep the conversation light. I’m sure she doesn’t want to know about that time you had severe diarrhea during a climb to the mountains.

Be enthusiastic and happy

Couple Laugthing 2

Whenever you feel bored during a date, she’ll likely feel the same way. The date might not be too bad, but it could be the last. So let your happiness and excitement consume her, and she will start feeling at ease with you and then smiling. That could be your cue for delivering something funny, and then making her laugh.

Whether making a woman laugh when dating is rocket science to you or not, it pays to know a trick or two to do it correctly. Even a man who thinks he has sense of humor may not make sense at all. Don’t be that guy. Learn how to be funny the right way and women will be all over you.


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