What makes a person a leader?

Thousands of books have been written on the topic of leadership and yet even some of those authors still find it difficult to provide an accurate description on exactly what makes a person a leader. A leader is someone who has a vision about a brighter future and a better way of doing things than those which are currently available and because of the strength of that vision they find ways to lead others to that objective. There is a Scripture that says, without a vision the people perish. This is especially true when it comes to the issue of leadership and one of the primary reasons why leaders do not succeed is because they do not have a vision or that vision is simply too weak and therefore they are unable to generate motivation among their followers. There are thousands of people in leadership today that are reasonably successful as far as the corporate requirements is concerned but they seldom exhibit any real growth in their leadership because they do not have a vision that motivates them.

Having subordinates does not necessarily make you a leader

You may be issuing orders 100 times a day and that may make you a supervisor of people, it still does not necessarily make you a leader in the full sense of the word. Therefore the notion that a leader is someone who has followers is not really a valid observation because there are many people in the corporate world who have people under their authority but it does not necessarily make them leaders. Someone else has said that leadership is the ability to translate vision into reality. The problem is that there are many people who have a vision about something extraordinary and they accomplish those things which they have foreseen without necessarily involving other people in that project and therefore they are not really leaders. Bill Gates has apparently said that leaders are those who empower others but this is not always a good thing because there are so many people who empower others to do things which are not beneficial to society such as protest actions and similar things. The well-known proponent of leadership, John Maxwell has said that leadership is influence nothing more and nothing less. This also is seen as too minimalistic because they are many people who may be able to influence others but that does not necessarily make them into good leaders.

What is leadership?

To really speak about effective leadership there has to be a motivating vision relating to a better way of living which will ensure the greater good of all people pursuing that vision. This vision has to supported by strong leaders that will be able to influence and motivate people to keep the vision in their focus regardless of any obstacles which is encountered until the objective has been achieved. Some things which is therefore important in leadership is that it should ensure extraordinary benefits for all people pursuing that vision and it should not merely be influence without a specific benefit. Leaders acknowledges the fact that other people are important in order to ensure the success of the project and it has to be ensured that they are frequently reminded of the vision and why pursuing is it is certain to benefit all people involved. Leadership never stand still and it does not wait until people recognizes that leadership. The reality is that leadership is not given to anyone at is something which a person has to earn and claim for themselves and then it has to be practiced each and every day.


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