Even though you might think that women are a total enigma, they’re really not. You just don’t know the signs that they’re sending so you can’t properly interpret them. Women know what they want. In fact, it takes less than 30 seconds for a woman to decide if she ultimately wants you or not. And if you don’t pick up on her cues right away, you’ll lose your chances of getting with you. So to help better your chance with the woman you’re crushing on, here are a few signals you should look out for that means she’s into you and wants more:

1She likes talking to you

Don’t underestimate the power of a great conversation. If she’s still talking to you by the end of the night, it means she’s definitely interested in you. She feels there’s something there and finds you intriguing. If she didn’t, she would have either blown you off the second you started talking or would have engaged in polite and short conversation before she’d excuse herself and leave. You’ll be able to tell if she’s just chatting you up to be polite of if she’s talking to you because she’s interested in hanging out more.

2She contacts you first

Usually, a guy is supposed to make the first contact. But if she does it first, it’s a huge deal! You’re are obviously on her mind and that means something. If she calls or texts you first, then she’s interested and wants to see if there’s more to the relationship. Only a woman who is interested in you will throw out all the rules and be the first to give you a ring.

3She goes out of her way to touch you in some way

This doesn’t mean touching you in a sexual way, but does involve some sort of physical touch. If she bumps into you a lot or pokes you or does anything she can to brush her hands by yours, take it as a sign that she does want more.

4She communicates with you often

A woman who is anything but interested is not going to take the time to communicate with you often. So if you’re hearing from her all of the time, take it as a good sign that she’s into you and wants more from the relationship. The ball will then be in your court as to how you’d like to respond because if you don’t, she’ll continue to call and text you, which might bug some guys. So once you see this sign, you’ll have to then let her know what you want.

5She lets you know that she’s available

If she lets you know that she’s single and available, then she does want more from you. She’s making it clear what her status is and wants you to pick up on this fact.

6She asks personal questions

When you’re talking to her and she starts asking personal questions about your family, childhood, dreams, goals and anything else sort of personal, she’s totally wanting more from you. She’s trying to get to know you on a deeper level and trying to understand where you’re coming from. She’s taking the time and energy to find out more about you, which is a huge sign that she wants more.

7She likes to get close

If you notice that she doesn’t keep her distance from you, then she wants you. She’s trying to get close to you to see if you’ll do something about it!


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