There can be no doubt that both men and woman has a whole range of capabilities and talents that makes them fit for a whole range of responsibilities such as leadership. Because of their differences they approach the issue of leadership from different angles but in the end it will depend on people in the workplace to decide whom they choose to be their leaders. They can be absolutely no doubt that many female leaders seem to have the ability to listen more attentively to their subordinates and they are mostly more compassion and they can be more attentive to detail when they do their planning. On the other hand my own leaders seem to have a stronger influence and when it comes to decision-making they are able to take a strong standpoint which seems to be considered more important by many people. They are some indications that there are many of these talents and skills that overlap and then the question relating to leadership will be that it is the person who are able to exhibit the best of both sexes that will ultimately be considered the best leader.

Well-known leadership statistics

With the use of technology it is now possible to do a survey in order to determine how people feel about the issue of leadership and in a recent research project it has been determined that 35% of US workers prefer to have a male boss. It must be admitted that it is substantially lower than the 66% of people who have chosen a male boss in the 1950s. There can be no doubt that female workers have made a significant impact on the workplace over the last couple of decades and therefore their capabilities is more widely accepted and respected. Regardless of the increase in the popularity of female leadership it is unlikely that there will be dramatic changes in the leadership preferences in the nearby future. Even among young people there were clear indications that most people who have been questioned prefer male own leadership over female leadership. In the latest research projects only 23% of people at indicate that they would prefer to be led by a female.

It always has been and still is a power game

This power struggles started in the Garden of Eden and it has been going on unabated for thousands of years. There are several scholars who think that when it was said, your desire will be for your husband it should have actually been translated as your desire will be for your husband’s power or authority. This agrees with other verses elsewhere in the scriptures dealing with the same subject. Many people prefer the greater influence which may leaders seem to have while they show no tendency towards an expression of emotion as is seen among women. The power figure is important to provide impetus to any important project and it seems because of unfair stereotyping women are still finding it difficult to express themselves as figures of authority. This places a lot of pressure on the female leader because she has to work so much harder to prove herself in a predominantly male environment. In order to maintain their power base they are forced to be harsher on their subordinates which does not make them popular with their followers.


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