World is not exactly a very kind place to live as a flabby guy. The girl you desire to see as your girlfriend may not look at you, as if you don’t exist. You may also find yourself exposed to mammoth list of health risks. However, losing weight doesn’t have to be about hunger pangs or feeling half-dead at your desk all day long.

Here is real good news for you. Just a little diet tweaks can help you have a big impact on your weight. For example just one additional daily servings of French fries can increase your weight by 3.35 pounds over four years period, while adding yogurt to your diet can help you lose 0.82 pound weight during the same time frame. Fiber rich diet along with good amount of lean protein is the simplest way to reduce calorie intake without eating any less.

Here is a list of some foods that are naturally superior when it comes to helping you put down your weight without compromising on your nutrient intake or requiring you to cut down your food intake.

1Greek yogurt with flaxseed

Greek yogurt is an excellent food to curb your hunger because of its stomach satisfying properties owing to rich protein content. It will keep you fuller longer and will provide a good dose of calcium.

2Popcorn sprinkled with seasoning

If you are craving for something salty and crispy, reach out for a packet of popcorn. According to a report published in the Nutrition Journal, people who consumed about six cups of popcorn reported less hunger and were more satisfied than those who eat a bag of crisps. Six cups of popcorn gives as much as 100 calories while a bag of crisps gives 150 calories. Moreover popcorn is packed with whole grains which are even better.

3Fresh fruits

Sometimes plain simple snacks are the best. Fresh fruits like apple are excellent source of fiber, solid food and very fulfilling. Since whole fruit requires chewing, you will also burn calories while eating them.

4Zero calorie foods

Crunchy vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, celery, broccoli and cabbage are some of the foods that are so low in calories that they are often referred to as zero calorie foods. Fiber makes the bulk portion of the food because of which you have the satisfaction of chewing and have a feeling of a full stomach. If you don’t like eating raw vegetables, you can use them to bulk up your sandwich, soups or omelets.



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