When you go to a foreign country you always try to make the most out of your visit. That´s why we rush everything to be able to visit as many museums, parks, beaches and buildings as possible. In other words, we always want to have the highest experience of what the country has to offer.

However, men look for one more thing when they travel to a different country: women. We as men want to experience how women from other countries are and how nice they can get. It´s just something we cannot help and we immensely enjoy. Nothing feels a man with pride in like being able to say he met tons of women from other countries.

Although every single destination is filled with beautiful women wanting to meet friendly guys like yourself, today is Peru´s turn. If you´re planning a trip to Peru, here are all the things you need to know before you arrive at Jorge Chávez airport.

Huge variety

Peruvian Girl, Photo Credit Meunierd, shutterstock
Peruvian Girl, Photo Credit Meunierd, shutterstock

Now I don´t want this to sound as if I was talking about Peruvian restaurants or some kind of food in general. However, if  we´re going to talk about Peruvian women the first thing you need to know is that you have a wide variety to choose from.

One thing you should have in mind before we get into this wonderful variety is that they all love foreign males, especially if they´re from North America or Europe. Do you think learning perfect Spanish will get you girls? Of course not! If a Peruvian girl approaches you at a bar or night club, pretend that your Spanish is terrible and speak solely in English. They will be all over you. With that in mind, let´s clarify what I mean by “wide variety”.

Peruvian culture is so varied and vast it is guaranteed that there is no way you get tired of it. In the case of Peruvian women, things are far from being different. The idiosyncrasy and looks of women in Peru will drastically vary depending on where you are.

In you decide to go to the capital Lima, you will find women who often care a lot about their looks. They wear high heels and will always try to look as hot as possible. I´m not going to lie, some look much better than others, and they usually hang out in the expensive neighborhoods of Lima: San Isidro, Miraflores and Surco. If you go to exclusive bars and dance clubs you are guaranteed to find amazing women.

The other regions of the country often lack the quality that you will find in Lima, and the best women you are going to find there will be tourists. After all, what do you expect to find in the jungle? In case you decide to go to the Amazonas or the mountains, try to enjoy the natural landscapes and attractions instead of looking for local women.

However, there is one place that is full of hot women in New Year’s Eve: Cusco. If you decide to spend your holidays there you are sure to the find the wildest parties you will ever see. Needless to say, all girls here love crazy and uncensored parties.

Some other places with pretty girls are Arequipa, Trujillo and Cajamarca. However, most of them are located in Lima, so if you´re coming to Peru only for the girls, you know where to go.

They´re not easy…unless

Peruvian women seem to have an obsession with two features when it comes to men: They like men who are from North America or Europe and they also love ripped men, regardless of their location. Perhaps that´s why you will find Peruvian gyms full of men trying to stand up to their expectations. However, as you are not from here, you´ve started with an advantage. Now if you´re ripped AND foreign, women will be all over you, guaranteed.

Apart from those tiny details, Peruvian women tend to be pretty decent and sometimes picky. As I said before, there is a wide variety here in Peru, which means you will find both easy women and picky women. Unfortunately, the hottest ones are extremely over-demanding, so you better think about a way to win their hearts.

They love dancing

A Night Out in Lima
A Night Out in Lima

If you know how to dance “bachata” or Latin music in general, you are sure to score some goals here in Peru. It´s ridiculous just how Peruvians love dancing. They love it so much, night clubs are full of people on Thursdays, and they don´t stop being that way until the weekend ends.

A piece of advice: if you´re relatively young and are looking for pretty girls, I recommend going to this night club in Larcomar called “Gotica”. If you want to find a lot of people, make sure you go on a Thursday. In fact, there is a popular term in Perú: “Jueves de Gotica” which translates to Thursdays of “Gotica”. This is when all the youth decided to forget about college and work and go dance with some pretty Peruvian girls.

If you´re looking for more mature women here in Peru, you should go to the South of Lima. Apart from finding beautiful beaches (we´ll talk about that later) there is a night club called “Nikita” which is aimed towards more mature people who are looking to have fun.

Women in Perú love going to the beach

If you go to Perú between the months of December and February and perhaps early March as well, you´ll arrive in what is known as “beach season”. Within these months, people from Lima head to the south of the capital to have some Peruvian styled fun. During the day you can find gorgeous women on the exclusive beaches of Asia. Don´t get confused, I´m not talking about the continent, I´m talking about the exclusive beach resort that is located to the south of Lima. Here you will find incredibly hot women who, for three straight days, forget they have a life back in Lima.

They love eating

Peruvian Girls love to eat
Peruvian Girls love to eat

As you might know, Pervian food has been proven to be pretty good. That´s probably the main reason why Peruvian women have a passion for this delicious activity called eating. If you´re really obsessed with one of them and are willing to do anything to get her, take her to a fancy restaurant. I strongly recommend you visit “La Carreta” or “Astrid & Gastón”. They will appreciate your good taste and your gesture of paying for their meal.

The trick to getting women in Peru is to always feel confident. Always remember that men here are far from being sophisticated or overly-intelligent (said by a Peruvian, by the way) which means you are likely to be favored by plenty of women. Peruvian


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