Like anywhere else in the world, dating in Los Angeles is not without its downfalls. As one of the world’s most known metropolitan cities, you meet a diverse group of people on any giving outing while out and about in the City of Angels. Dating these days can be quite difficult in general, and living in L.A. is certainly different than anywhere else given the type of people living in the city.

Given that Los Angeles is known for being the hub of aspiring actors, screen writers, directors and media people in general, the city is known for always being “on.” This means that although L.A. is supposedly known for being “relaxed,” everybody is still “on” just in case they meet someone in the industry so that they can land their big break. Everyone always has their script on hand, is in full hair and makeup and they’re ready to spit some lines at any given moment. Dating these types can be quite exhausting since they’re always looking around to see who can help them move up in their career.

And chances are, you’ll definitely end up meeting someone trying to break into Hollywood – it’s just the nature of the city. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There’s always fun industry events happening at any given time in the city, so these types of dates can actually be quite fun. But since these guys are always trying to enhance their career, you often come in second to their grand Hollywood ambitions, which is why dating someone in the industry isn’t always that magical or great as it sounds.

Dating in L.A. can be challenging because you can’t really tell who is into you. Since the city has a large mix of races, ethnicities, and more, you’re never really sure if someone is vibing with you or not. And since the city is filled with wannabe industry types, you don’t know if someone is interested in you because of your money, connections, etc.

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Since everyone drives in L.A., you won’t be meeting your next boyfriend while strolling down the street. Since L.A. is such a huge place ) more than 100 miles across – people skip walking and simply prefer their cars, which is why many are already in a committed relationship with their cars. So meeting someone on a random outing while walking in L.A. is out of the question (unless luck is on your side or the stars are aligned in your favor, of course). You have to be actively seeking people to try and meet someone, which is why so many are using the Internet or dating apps to hook up. Some prefer to still meet someone the traditional way and there are lots of meet up groups to help facilitate this. The key to meeting someone in L.A. is you just need to know where to look and then go out and actually look instead of just talking about it. With so many groups in L.A. you can easily find one that matches your interests or hobbies and if not, you can make one and there will be people who’ll want to join.

But that doesn’t mean that dating in L.A. is impossible. Like any other city in the world, you just have to be patient and go with the flow. When you want something too much, the universe sometimes conspires against you so just let it go and be open to the possibilities of someone new everywhere you go in the City of Angels!

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