Looking for the richest sounding high-resolution audio players on the market to date, the folks at Astell & Kern have many options to choose from. Their collection of media players are loaded with top-tier audio features and components which puts their products ahead of the competition. And they’ve recently outdone themselves with the all new AK380, their newest addition to their catalog and the new flagship media player.

When it comes to the fine wine of high-level audio entertainment, there’s few names that can keep up with Astell & Kern. While their entry-level portable media player checks in at $499 for the AK Junior ($499), the flagship AK380 will clock in at just under $3500. Never shy about catering to the top 1 percent of the music-listening public, the AK380 is the ultimate media player. 

When you want the highest level of sound playback and the price tag is of no concern, the AK380 from Astell & Kern should undoubtedly be one of your choices. Battery powered portable digital media playback at the highest level, the AK380 represents the very best that Astell & Kern has to offer. 

Astell Kern AK380 II
Astell Kern AK380, Photo: Astell Kern

By shattering the 24bit/192kHz high-resolution threshold, the player takes high-resolution sound to a whole new level. Elevating the audio glass ceiling to an incredible 32bit/384kHz capability, the AK380 is the pinnacle of audio performance. In almost every conceivable way, Astell & Kern steps up their game from their previous flagship AK240 media player. 

The AK380 scales up the hardware with two AKM AK4490 chips, whereas the AK240 ran on a pair of Cirrus Logic CS4398 chips. This migration and upgrade in hardware provides an even higher quality of stereo separation and playback fidelity for DSD high-resolution files. With a dedicated dual DAC platform, the AK380 flexes an extremely high 130dB channel separation giving the user an unprecedented soundstage width and depth of sound that’s unmatched.

All of these features are blended into an organic interface that makes combining and ripping discs a breeze. Easily manage and catalog your audio collection using the advanced features of the AK380. Utilizing a true XLR balanced output for your home stereo system, Astell & Kern make it easy for you to enjoy the highest audio fidelity money can buy.

Astell Kern AK380, Photo: Astell Kern
Astell Kern AK380, Photo: Astell Kern

There are many factors that put the AK380 ahead of the competition. One of the biggest determining factors is the ease of use and the intuitive controls. Whereas many high level media players rely on bootstrapped operating systems, Astell & Kern eliminate this hurdle with a completely custom GUI interface. Without being pigeonholing their users in the same outdated operating system box, the AK380 makes superior sound easy to use and simple to manage.

From the technical aspects of the AK380 to the incredible sound and integration, there is not many products that can compete against the best that Astell & Kern can boast. Excellence is the primary theme of their flagship audio device, and the advantages in technology make it an easy choice over the competition. 

Official Website: www.astellnkern.com


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