Deborah TMZ is an Instagram star who has been attracting followers thanks to her impeccable selfie game since 2013. Nowadays, Deborah has millions of fans who hang on her every post and she consistently attracts new followers every day to her Instagram profile. Deborah TMZ is another example of a new generation of models that have found their start on Instagram, flaunting their good looks for the world to see. From there, these self-made models can often attract promotional deals and earn themselves a handsome living just by posting pictures of themselves on the Internet.

Deborah TMZ Instagram Selfie
More than 1 million people are following Deborah TMZ on Instagram. /// Photo: Instagram @deborah_tmz

Why would anybody care about some random girl’s selfies? Apparently, many people do. Quite a few of these Instagram stars are emerging into the modeling world, especially those with a fitness model style like Deborah. Not only does she give her followers something nice to look at, but she inspires people—women especially—to stay fit and healthy. As her nice booty can attest, looking healthy and well-proportioned is the most attractive thing, and a woman with tight, muscular curves like hers can serve as motivation for people to get off the couch and hit the gym as well.

Deborah TMZ Bikini, blonde, Girl, Model
Deborah TMZ has the perfect Bikini Body. /// Photo: Instagram @deborah_tmz

But who is Deborah TMZ, exactly? Well, starting out on Instagram by posting her first photo in 2013, Deborah has seen an explosive growth of followers over the years. Born in Germany, she is still based in Cologne and much of her photos as taken around Germany. These days, she’s in her early 20’s (born in 1993), and she sports a great body that the world is eager to see. She’s about 1.65 meters tall and weighs around 55 kg (or about 5′ 5” tall and 120 lb in weight, for those using the imperial system), which makes her very shapely.

Deborah TMZ Bikini, Blond Girl, Beach, Sexy Hot Woman
Deborah TMZ Body is absolut perfect. /// Photo: Instagram @deborah_tmz

Deborah TMZ is the perfect example of this new generation of model, offering aesthetically pleasing shots in the context of more everyday life. In a sense, this makes her more accessible than the pedestalized traditional magazine models. The fact that her admirers are able to comment on her pictures directly and see her more or less as a normal person with an Instagram account gives her more of that “girl next door” appeal. Of course, though, she is still uncommonly beautiful—and Deborah is still arguably a professional.

Deborah TMZ Casual on the Beach, Blond German Model
Deborah TMZ is among a new generation of models. Who started thier career on Social Media. /// Photo: Instagram @deborah_tmz

Perusing her Instagram page, you’ll be instantly struck with the diverse amount of backgrounds and locations that Deborah uses. These are often familiar locations, such as a country road, a beach with swaying palm trees, a balcony overlooking a pool, which only heightens the overall “real” feeling of what she provides to her followers.

Deborah TMZ in a black Bikini
Half real, half professional, the new way of Social Media Photography.

Of course, you’re also going to see many, many shots of her shapely rear end. Like a lot of Instagram models these days, Deborah TMZ seems obsessed with her own behind (just as her followers are), and she posts copious amounts of these photos. Some of them are casual shots where Deborah is walking off into the distance, and others are very deliberately framed. Either way, her perky ass and slightly-arched back in every photo give a general posed look, even when the photo is engineered to look spontaneous. This is not unusual for an Instagram model, however, in an age where selfies have become something of an art form.

Selfie Deborah TMZ
Deborah TMZ is keeping her Instagram Following with sexy Selfies up to date. /// Photo: Instagram @deborah_tmz

Another interesting feature of Deborah TMZ photo journaling is the fact that she travels a lot. This allows her followers to get to know a lot of different places with her. Deborah has posted photos of herself in Paris, at hot vacation spots, as well as various locations in her own beautiful hometown. Deborah also posts selfies of herself engaging in many interesting activities, such as relaxing by the beach, rollerblading, riding in a boat, or taking a jog. Some kind of physical activity is common in her photos, reminding us that constant activity, both outside and at the gym, is the key to staying fit and aesthetic. This is not to mean that there are not plenty of photos of her relaxing, for example lying on her bed or on the grass at a park. Occasionally, you might even run into a photo of her “first thing in the morning,” or so it would seem; it’s astounding how perfect her hair looks when she has just woken up. Deborah may be the living embodiment of why they call it “beauty rest.” Regardless, you are bound to kind something that appeals to you as you look through her collection of photos.

Deborah TMZ Beach Bikini, blond Fashion Model
Deborah TMZ Phots are absolut beautiful. Here Deborah is relaxing on the Beach. /// Photo: Instagram @deborah_tmz

Something a bit more conspicuous that you might notice when scrolling through her material is the large amount of product placements. This is fairly typical for an Instagram model; after all, this is  how Deborah TMZ makes some of her living. For example, Deborah is a “brand ambassador” for Women’s Best, which is a weight loss and supplement company that is geared towards women. Deborah TMZ makes a great spokesperson for this company, considering her flawless physique and flat stomach, something that many people aspire to, but find difficult to accomplish. She also appears to be associated with the watch company Kapten & Son, and occasionally posts artistic shots of their products on her wrist, with different bands and styles. Deborah TMZ also takes conspicuous shots in her Calvin Klein underwear, so it appears that she has some kind of product association with them as well. All of these brands feature heavily in her photography work, but Women’s Best seems to be by far her favorite, as she mentions them every few posts.

Deborah TMZ Bikini, Dubai
Deborah TZM in Dubai. /// Photo: Instagram @deborah_tmz

If all of this sounds great to you, why don’t you follow Deborah TMZ on Instagram? You might even be able to find her on other social media sites, though beware! There are many copycat accounts that aren’t really her, so if you’re desperate to have her read your comments, it’s best to leave them on her official Instagram @deborah_tmz. Though she doesn’t usually respond much to her fans (there are so many of them, after all), you might get lucky!

Deborah TMZ Backside Photos

Deborah TMZ Bikini Backside, Ass, Butt
Deborah TMZ perfect backside. /// Photo: Instagram @deborah_tmz
Deborah TMZ Ass Butt, Bikini Sexy Blond Model Girl
Deborah TMZ on the Beach.
Photo: Instagram @deborah_tmz
Deborah TMZ Sexy
Deborah TMZ has a perfect, sexy Ass /// Photo: Instagram @deborah_tmz


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